Gnutella, morpheus, audio gallaxy - what are they?

  powertool 21:06 14 Jun 03

Can anyone explain the differences, or direct me to somewhere that can?

I am confused!

  jazzypop 21:10 14 Jun 03

click here - note that the use of file-sharing software is very much frowned upon by most users in this forum, as it is generally automatically assumed that you will use them to breach copyright laws.

I would not recommend asking for advice on which one to use, or how best to use it.

In fact, there is now specic reference to them in the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of the page.

  jazzypop 21:11 14 Jun 03

specic? - specific, to be precise :)

  Valvegrid 21:12 14 Jun 03

Have a search on Google, they all seem to be connected with KaZaa.

click here

  VoG® 21:15 14 Jun 03

They all have one thing in common (well 2 things actually). (1) they come bundled with loads of spyware and opern your computer to infestation by viruses and trojans. (2) They are widely used for illegally downloading copyrighted music and cracked software.

  Joe McG 21:19 14 Jun 03


if you want to use any of these p2p progs, then Kazaa lite has no spyware.

  powertool 22:35 14 Jun 03

now I know!!

  Mike 22:54 14 Jun 03

If you would like to see how file sharing works, just have a look in the PCA downloads section.

There a about 5 programs there.

  PCA_Expert 01:26 15 Jun 03

A)PCA has links to P2P software in the downloads section.

B)PCA treats anyone who openly asks for info on P2P software with UTTER contempt and automatically accuses them of piracy/theft:D

C)PCA please explain this void!!

D)Ha ha...etc.

  monkeyshine 01:01 16 Jun 03

Isn't that just a LITTLE bit hypocritical or am I being naiave?

  monkeyshine 01:04 16 Jun 03

BTW, you don' REALLY expect an answer, DO YOU?

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