Gmail problem....

  madzad 18:16 15 Jan 10

My PC crashed last week and required a full system recovery with the back up CDs and all... and ever since when I try to sign into Googlemail (Gmail), it tells me I have to enter using Basic HTML as my connection is too slow... as for a slow connection, is 20 megs too slow? lol... Ilaugh out of near instanity that this matter is making me mad...please help.

Steve UK

  GaT7 18:54 15 Jan 10

See if this is any help click here.

If not, post a thread in their forums click here. G

  madzad 19:06 15 Jan 10

Many thanks, I tried all the above before and it didnt work, then when I did all the checks again it worked... go figure I guess lol..

Thanks for saving my sanity too...


Steve UK

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