gmail & outlook express

  eddie937 17:54 16 Oct 05

hello everyone,
i have just set up an account with gmail and created an account with outlook express to use gmail. all is working fine , however, is there a way of getting gmail its own folder just like hotmail has its own in outlook express.
your time is much appreciated.

  moodboom 18:36 16 Oct 05

Presumably you want to do this because you have more than one Email address with your outlook express.

In OE's folders list could you not make a new folder and call it Gmail. Then set up a rule/filter to redirect any mail addressed to your Gmail address to be moved from the inbox to your Gmail folder.

  eddie937 18:38 16 Oct 05

i'll give it a go but im not really sure of what i'm doing

  eddie937 18:56 16 Oct 05

thanks alot moodboom, you did it.
problem solved

  moodboom 16:55 17 Oct 05

Glad I helped. :)

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