gmail or googlemail in uk ?

  setecio 16:43 06 Dec 08

I remember 3 years ago gmail in the uk had to change to googlemail, but having just created a new one, I log in and it says at the top [email protected]

Does anyone know the current situation regarding gmail in the uk as I would prefer to use, however I don't want to risk using it in printed material and find at a later date @gmail doesn't get to me.

  Clapton is God 16:49 06 Dec 08

If you sign up for an account today, it'll be

  laurie53 20:30 06 Dec 08

I still get mail through gmail. I think that even if they change they recognize the old address.

I've been with Yahoo for many years. I still use my .com address even though uk addresses have been for a long time

  Snec 20:37 06 Dec 08

Yes, I think CiG is right. The early adopters got gmail, now it is googlemail.

BTW, are you aware of (google it). I mention it because I use it more than any of the others now. I think it is really good, better than all the rest. Try it and see what you think.

  Quiet Life 16:11 07 Dec 08

Google have a problem in UK and Germany re the use of gmail as somebody claims that they are infringing their copyright. Until case resolved google use googlemail in these countries.
However if e-mails are sent to you as either googlemail or gmail they will be received OK

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