Gmail account

  Martin12 17:53 09 Jan 10

I currently have a gmail email account and I am trying to get another one. However it always goes to "@googlemail" rather than "Gmail", any ideas?

  mooly 17:56 09 Jan 10

It's the same thing as far as I know.
UK users, or new users ?? is that right ?? see it as googlemail, anyone with an old account still has gmail.

  PP321 18:17 09 Jan 10

Yup what mooly said.

Cant get "GMail" anymore.

Its googlemail :(

  Martin12 18:18 09 Jan 10

So are you saying no more new Gmail accounts, its googlemail or nothing?

  mooly 18:59 09 Jan 10

That's it :)
Why the long faces ?

  tullie 19:00 09 Jan 10

GMail is a shortened Googlemail.

  Fingees 19:07 09 Jan 10

Apparently it happened a few years ago. I had a G mail but shortly after that, new mails had to be Googlemail, as GMail was registered as a United States name, so a lawsuit evolved, causing new customers to have to use the full Google.

  Woolwell 21:08 09 Jan 10

It cannot have been a few years ago. I registered as gmail only a year ago.

  Woolwell 21:09 09 Jan 10

Should have added that I find them interchangeable.

  lotvic 21:15 09 Jan 10

I did a Google search for
gmail or googlemail
the results made interesting reading, seems to be both now for UK

  mooly 07:34 10 Jan 10

"Should have added that I find them interchangeable"

I thought that, so last night sent email to my googlemail address but put "gmail" instead.
It sent OK... no failure notice... but it's not arrived. Using googlemail and it was instant.

Tried again this AM using gmail and it worked !

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