glow telecom

  bobbyc 00:58 12 Jan 03
  bobbyc 00:58 12 Jan 03

hi all
i go a email from a co called glow telecom
offering 24 7 internet and 30 % off all calls
for £9.99 per mth
anyone know anything about them ?

  bruno 09:28 12 Jan 03

I have been using the internet connection(not for telephone) since they started several months ago and am very satisfied with the service.On occasions in the evening rush hours it can take one or two goes to get a connection,but not as bad as some others I have tried.There is a two hour cut off,but you can normally reconnect immediately.

  spartan 09:53 12 Jan 03

Yes I use glow telecom and I am pleased in general with them, the two hour cut of is a pain when you download large files, so I use a download mangager to get round that.

  Pappyon 12:34 12 Jan 03

I use slowtelecom, and at times even in the afternoon it takes me 30 - 40 attempts before I can connect, and then I get cut off in less than 20 minutes and have to go through it all again, but as somebody has said already, you only get what you pay for. Funnily enough I was getting the same sort of service from Freeserve at 13.99GBP per month. That is why I switched.
I think a lot to do with the poor service is what part of the country you are in. A BT engineer would probably be able to explain it.

  bruno 13:06 12 Jan 03

If you had the same problem with Freeserve,I think you may be right about where you live.It may also be your installation,or the number of connections you have on your line.I know it is no consolation to you,but I can,t remember a dropped connection(apart from the 2 hours)since I had it.Hope you find a cure.

  bruno 13:08 12 Jan 03

Another thing I try on the odd time I cannot get in is to hit cancel after a failure and try again.I don't know if it tries a different number,but it does work.I don't let it keep dialling itself.

  Peter E 13:19 12 Jan 03

I've been using them for a few months now. No problems except that, like bruno, it takes several attempts to get on in early evening sometimes. I understand that if connection becomes a problem they will supply alternative phone numbers to try. Also, I've contacted them by e-mail with queries on a couple of occasions and they've got back to me fairly promptly. You do get booted off after a couple of hours but they all do that on a dial-up, don't they?


  spartan 13:21 12 Jan 03

I have smilar problems trying to connect and I contacted the tech team,they said that has everything to do with your local exchange.
They only provide you with one dial up number which doesn't help.

  bobbyc 22:04 12 Jan 03

thanx guys
i am with freeserve at the moment .
in the chester area may be due a change
thanx to all for your responce

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