Glary Utilities File shredder Track erases

  1st spring 12 May 13

Keeping PC clean. Wanting more space, speed and privacy. Using Glary Utilities I would like to erase tracks, of what ever I have been doing on the PC, Keep it private and have as much space as poss but not sure what to put a tick in. If I put a tick in Recent document would this delete my documents? Such things as the web sites I visit, the files I view. i.e my pictures?) I would like to keep private. I can see options, or select options but do not know what to do or select. I put a tick in some of them and I could see emails I have sent in the past, I think thats what they were. File shredder, Track eraser, any advise would help please.

  AdinP 14 May 13

OK, a Track Eraser is a tool that erases history tracks - list of websites you visit, cookies, list of your recently accessed documents and so on. It doesn't delete the actual files, just the listings. As for a File Shredder, you should use it only when you need to delete a file that contains your details (like an old bank statement). A File Shredder will delete the actual file in such a way that it will be impossible to recover. I've never used the one that's part of Glary Utilities, but I'm using Easy File Shredder on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

  1st spring 14 May 13

Thank you for the info. I have back dated the PC. But it is too late I guess to do anything about what I have shredded. I think I had a tick in everything and shredded. But so far the PC is working fine, it did slow down, after backdating is working better. I only look at my pictures and browse the web so maybe I will never know if I have done any harm but I will never shred again. I do not do any banking or look at any thing wrong. Thank you very much for your reply.

  1st spring 14 May 13

Which is a bad site Easy file or Glary?

  1st spring 14 May 13

I see you mean Easy file. No reply need. Thank you

  lotvic 18 May 13

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