Gitting into the Bios & Selecting Start up mode

I similar problem to "acceptmyname", my motherboard is an MSI KT6V series. I need to get into the AMBIOS bios to check some info' but can't remember how to get to it, also what keyboard key do I press to get the menu from which I can choose a Safe mode start up. I am running XP Pro SP2.

  rawprawn 16:37 19 Feb 08

Usually F8 for Safe Mode
F2 for Bios

  T0SH 17:02 19 Feb 08

It seems that MSI use F1 to enter BIOS setup and F2 to load setup defaults

cheers HC

Should have said that I am using a Logitec cordless Keyboard & mouse which may not help, however I do have corded keyboard & mouse available if required.

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