Girlfriend's Paranormal PC

  DevTony72 22:45 18 Mar 15

Okay, so my girlfriend recently bought a custom gaming PC. Specs: (though i doubt it matters) CPU: i7 4770 RAM:2x4gb Corsair GPU: GTX 760 MSI PSU: Coolermaster 750W OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Anyway we have been noticing some really strange issues. When another electrical device is unplugged from the same extention power cord, the computer reacts by freezing for a couple of seconds and playing the USB unplugged sound. I have a mini fridge plugged in near the computer and several times a day the fridge switches a setting as normal and produces a clicking sound. However, when that occurs the computer has the same reaction even though they are only connected through the extention power cord. I have also tried plugging my pc in to see if mine has the same reaction but it doest.

My thoughts turned to the PSU and maybe a ground issue. I also thought it could be faulty wiring in the house. Im a noob when it comes to electrical engineering so i thought i would be more likely to get enlightened about it here. Sorry for the state of the text but i did this on android. Thanks in advance any input would be much appreciated :)

  rdave13 23:58 18 Mar 15

Get an anti surge adaptor for her PC terminal for the moment. Sounds as if the motherboard isn't insulated correctly from the case. Contact the seller.

  wee eddie 00:37 19 Mar 15

Your circuit is grossly overloaded. As a result, voltage fluctuations caused by the adding, or removal, of items are causing spikes which may damage the CPU.

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