Gigabyte GA8-KNXP motherboard

  radi8or 18:53 24 Jan 04

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if the above board has holes,
thro the board, around the cpu socket and the northbridge chips.

I want to fit a Thermalright SLK h\sink and a Zalman N\Bridge passive cooler.

Need to know before I buy the board

Thanks in advance,

Regards Bob

  Big Elf 20:29 24 Jan 04

Difficult to tell but have a look at click here# and click on enlarge view. Northbridge seems to have a fan fitted already.

  Big Elf 20:30 24 Jan 04

Ignore me. It looks like a different board.

  radi8or 06:37 25 Jan 04

Hi Big Elf,

Thanks for response

Sorry for delay replying had to go out last night.

Had a look at your link looks like the right one
you can just about read the number on it, although I found on the site there's a v2.0 wonder what the difference is? I take it the white spots are plastic push pins ?

Regards Bob

  Big Elf 11:02 25 Jan 04

I'm not sure. Also I've read that fans on the northbridge are often glued on rather than bolted.

  Big Elf 11:04 25 Jan 04

Brain not in gear. I meant that heatsinks are often glued on.

  radi8or 11:45 25 Jan 04

Big Elf

Think i'll have to do some more research.

thanks again

Regards Bob

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