Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 plus ATI Radeon PCI card

  JohnDG 16:16 31 Jul 05

My son has bought and started to upgrade his computer and has a GA-K8NF-9 Mobo and has fitted an ATI RADEON X600Pro PCI express graphics card . On start-up all fans work, but no signal to monitor! Also the DVD drives do not eject.( can't figure that one out)
Is the ATI card compatible with the Gigabyte Mobo?
The mobo has a nVidia nForce4-4X chipset.
We both have built several computers in the past, Please help!!

The vga is compatible with your motherboard.

The problem probably is in the installation of the new motherboard and its components. First and foremost, check whether your memory modules are inserted probably or not, slight mislocation of the memory modules will result in no signal to the monitor. Again check whether you have connected your dvd drive or not. If your dvd drive is not functioning properly then check the comptibility of it with your new mobo.

  JohnDG 16:56 31 Jul 05

Thanks I am going to rebuild it myself next week, using my an case with 400w PSU, and 256 RAM (good) The DVD drives were working before, and are working again as he has now put everthing back as it was. The connections seemed OK and I checked the power to the drives, got 7.28v and 12.33v, just cant understand it when they were 'dead'in the new build, surely it should eject when the button is pressed even if the comp has no signal. any other ideas will be appreciated.

  howard60 17:08 31 Jul 05

it could be a faulty power supply - sometimes 1 of the leads from the supply is not connected correctly internally.

  JohnDG 18:26 31 Jul 05

All OK it was a badly seated RAM stick

Thanks for your help

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