Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L IP31 & Memory Question

  Audio~~Chip 21:19 13 Jul 09

I am working on a specification to build my new machine using Windows Vista and want 4GB DDR1066MHz Memory. I know this board takes 4GB and have found out to get the full 4GB use then you need to use a 64bit edition of Vista Premium or higher.

I am going to get my memory from Crucial which is click here

I also know the motherboard takes Dual Channel. Now crucial does not off 4GB Memory kits so do I just buy 2x 2GB Memory of CT2KIT12864AA1067 to get the 4GB ?

Help please

  DieSse 21:27 13 Jul 09

" need to use a 64bit edition of Vista Premium or higher."

Most (probably all) 64-bit Linux versions will also use 4GB RAM (and higher) fully. So it's not JUST Vista. Ans so will 64-bit versions of XP. (Yes I did see you were going to use Vista anyway - just making a point!)

I would give Crucial a call or an email to ask their best recommendation. Known matched pairs are best to ensure best stability.

  DieSse 21:30 13 Jul 09

Do they not offer a kit with 2 off 2GB modules? - that would be better if you have 4 slots, as you'd have two spare slots.

On reflection - if you bought two matched kits - then as long as you paired the correct modules with each other in the slots, you should be fine. It's the ones that work together interleaved that need to be matched. As long as each pair is matched, that should be sufficient.

  citadel 21:35 13 Jul 09

they must have 2x2 kits as these are very popular.

  GaT7 21:38 13 Jul 09

Looks like the only PC2-8500 4Gb (2x2Gb) kit is this one that costs £60+ click here

If you must have Crucial only, I'd make do with PC2-6400 modules & get 2x2Gb modules from their superior Ballistix range for ~£38-42:
- click here = £37.99 with cheapest del @ eBuyer
- click here = £42 @ Crucial


  OTT_Buzzard 21:40 13 Jul 09

Note the warning from gigabyte on their website for ths board:

To install two memory modules, we suggest that you install them on the DDR2_1 and DDR2_3 sockets, when the DDR2_2 or DDR2_4 socket is populated with a DDR2 1066 MHz memory module, the memory speed will be downgraded to 800 MHz).

  Audio~~Chip 22:25 13 Jul 09

Will call Crucial and mention the Ballistix also. Never thought of Ebuyer selling crucial brand. Will post back when I have got my dimms sorted. Back on O's then its either XP Pro 64bit or Vista Prem 64bit. Suppose I will go Vista, will think on that.

Thanks again, will post back when I have a update

  Audio~~Chip 14:39 14 Jul 09

Hello Crossbow7
Don't suppose you know if your recomended Ballisix memory is avail for my choice of motherboard in the next one up from 800Mhz, the 1066Mhz or would this be risky. I am going to call Crucial in a mo but just incase I carn't get them to help me I ask here.

  Audio~~Chip 16:41 14 Jul 09

For some strange reason Crucial will not recomend 4GB kits on this motherboard and recomend having 4x 1GB DIMMS, they say they tested this with this board and found problems. So I am going to source another motherboards which does take DDR1066 4GB memory kits

  Audio~~Chip 00:09 15 Jul 09

Can forum user recomend a respectable motherboard that will take 4GB DDR800 - DDR1066MHz Memory in a GB Memory kit using Crucial please, either Gigabyte with a Intel Chipset for a intel CPU or Asus brand again with a Intel Chipset

I saw Mesh using Asus boards with their Intel systems but the board they use Asus seem to have several models so not sure which is the identical one. Prefer 4 DIMM slots if possible

Tall order question, if I find one in advance I will post back before any result from here.


  OTT_Buzzard 09:31 15 Jul 09

Do you have a budget in mind?

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