Gigabyte Ga-7VTXH+ CPU xp2400+ problem?

  bagpuss66 18:11 07 Jan 03
  bagpuss66 18:11 07 Jan 03

I've just bought an athlon XP2400+ 2.0 GHZ 266 MHZ bus Socket A (Thoroughbred) processor.
My Motherboard Gigabyte GA-7VTXH+ just report's it as being an XP1800+ ?
I've installed the latest bios driver f7.0 and it still won't recognise it.
Any Ideas?
My system:
Gigabyte GA-7VTXH+ motherboard
512mb ddr-sdram
Geforce 4 4400ti

  Elrond 18:20 07 Jan 03

What have you got the multiplier set at? The fsb will be 133 and then you multiply that by a number to make it up to your 2Ghz. Try around 15x multiplier.

  Elrond 18:21 07 Jan 03

15.5x shud do it.

  Elrond 18:23 07 Jan 03

I take it by the green tick you've got your processor fully charged?

  bagpuss66 18:27 07 Jan 03

Actually just showing my ignorence here how do you set the multipler..I feel a bit sad asking this question!!!

  Elrond 18:30 07 Jan 03

Don't worry that's what people are here for. Did your mobo come with some software like easytune or similar? If so load that up and you shud be able to sort it from there. Otherwise go into the BIOS on startup press F8 straight away and work your way through the options looking for CPU settings. BE CAREFUL if you make a mistake just exit without saving

  Elrond 18:51 07 Jan 03

You've gone quiet! Have you sorted things out. Or are you messing at the minute. POst back as soon as you can

  bagpuss66 19:41 07 Jan 03

Tried easy tune could only get the cpu to run at 1650 mhz!
Must be doing something wrong!

  Elrond 19:48 07 Jan 03

Try the Bios. press F8 on sartup

  Elrond 19:53 07 Jan 03

The clock multiplier on your mobo only goes up to 12.5 So that will be why you onlyget 1650MHz.
Change the FSB to the 161Mhz setting. Thant shud take you to 2Ghz

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