Ghosting Hard drive for restoring.

  wossie 23:42 09 Jun 03

I have set up my hard drive exactly as I want it, can I store this on another partition and restore it when something goes wallop. I had a 20G hard drive set up as I want it with all the latest antivirus, drivers, updates etc. But when I ghosted it Disk to Disk to my 60G HD I ended up with a 25G. It took me ages to get it to 60G, and I forget how. I tried it again lately and failed. I have a 60G set up now, can I set up a 5G partition and ghost my C on to it, partition to partition and back again. Do I ghost partition to image, or partition to partition. Any ideas. Wossie.

  Lú-tzé 00:03 10 Jun 03

Partition to image - click here for a good guide to Ghost.

  Lú-tzé 00:04 10 Jun 03

To back up: partition to image

To restore: image to partition

  Lú-tzé 00:05 10 Jun 03

To back up: partition to image

To restore: image to partition

  wossie 00:49 10 Jun 03

Does it matter what size the partitions are, do they have to be the same size. Can I ghost a 5G lot, on to a 6G Partition, and 5G and back to a 50G etc. Thanks again, Wossie.

  Lú-tzé 07:50 10 Jun 03

Partitions don't have to be the same size - all that is ghosted is the data on the partition so, for example, a 30gb partitin with 5gb used will fit onto a 5gp partition and can also be compressed. Ghost allows regular or high compression - the difference being the time it takes.

  Kitz E Kat 08:51 10 Jun 03

Great link!!!

  Wak 08:53 10 Jun 03

Hi, To transfer all system files, registry, programs and data files from one HDD to another HDD, have a look at XXCOPY at click here.
I regularly clean up and defrag my C:\ drive and then use XXCOPY to clone it to my D:\ drive thus having a complete backup in case of problems.
Providing all the used space on one drive will fit on to the other drive, it doesn't matter what size the drives are.
If your C;\ drive goes belly then simply clone your D;\ drive back on to the C:\ drive.
It's easy, quick and it's FREE.

  Switcher 09:09 10 Jun 03

If the thing that goes wallop is the hard drive then your Ghost copy on a partition will be useless.

Much safer to use Ghost to clone to a separate disk.

  wossie 10:29 10 Jun 03

I already tried that with a 20G to 60G and ended up with a 25G, so I had to set it all up again, I still have the 20G set up. I just want to avoid all the time setting it up each time, I also build PC's so it would save time to clone the hard drive and stick it in the new PC. So can I Ghost multiple mages of hard drives and store them on a separate HD to be reverted to the orig. state. Thanks again. Wossie. Ps. I only have the Ghost on a floppy, so I have no instructions.

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