blackpat 11:20 18 Feb 06

W.XP HOME. I just installed Norton ghost 10. My old computer has only 25 GB (seriously contemplating a new one.) I want to buy a external hard drive to do full backups etc, but norton says it has to be compatible with ghost.

Question 1. How do I find out what external hard drives are compatible?

Question 2. What size do you recommend

question 3. If I install the new external hard drive software (when I get it :>) ) do you think ghost will work alright with it?

Many thanks in anticipation

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:21 18 Feb 06

I use Ghost to back up to external HDs (Maxtor and Western Digital) and I have never had a problem. I have never heard that you have to have 'compatible' HDs. 40 gbs will be more than enough as the progranmme can write incrementally, just replacing any changed files and not the whole backup. Backing up externally is a much better option than having an internal HD.


  blackpat 12:41 18 Feb 06

Thanks Gandalf, does that mean that you have you
your ext. hd running all the time? and if so, can you still use it for other things beside backing up, eg. storing pics etc?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:24 18 Feb 06

You can use the external HD for copying anything that you want. I have made folders on each HD for receiving the ghost image and I just dump anything else onto the HD but NOT in the Ghost folder. I find that 40Gb is more than enough but the 80Gb HDs are fairly cheap now.


  blackpat 07:09 19 Feb 06

I'm much obliged to you Gandalf. I will tick the resolved box. Thanks again

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