GFX Card - Dedicated Memory

  simmo08 21:01 16 Jan 08

I have a NVidia Gefore 7300LE 256Mb RAM, with latest drivers according to the NVidia website.

So why does the NVidia Control Panel report i only have 128MB ram dedicated? Does this mean 128MB is wasted?

If so how to resolve? Cheers

  Technotiger 21:27 16 Jan 08

Hi, nothing to resolve - that is normal, 128Mb is known as Local RAM, the other 128Mb Dedicated. But I am not sure what the difference is. Maybe someone else will come and enlighten you - and me!


  SANTOS7 21:30 16 Jan 08

GeForce 7300 LE

The specs on the 7300 LE are:

* 7300 LE
* 4 pixel pipes
* 3 vertex pipes
* 450 MHz core clock
* 333 MHz memory clock (pretty variant here based on card partner)
* 128 MB GDDR2 memory supporting up to 256 MB with TurboCache
* 256 MB HDDR2 memory supporting up to 512 MB with TurboCache
* 64-bit memory interface
* 112 million transistors on 90nm process technology

those are the specs. Its a 128 card that turbocaches I guess and works like a 256, something like that,
turbocache is like virtual ram.

  simmo08 21:37 16 Jan 08

Ok thanks for clearing that up Santos7, i thought it was wasting some memory.

The graphics card seems ok for gaming, as im not much of an expert as it comes to gfx cards does this one i have sound good? i was thinking of upgrading a few things on my pc, and gfx was on of them.

Thanks again

  SANTOS7 21:42 16 Jan 08

Not exactly aufait with VGA cards meself, if its running the games you play now well enough memory upgrades are a good way to go....

  Technotiger 21:43 16 Jan 08

Yes, that is a pretty good card.

  PP321 21:53 16 Jan 08

Are you saying the 7300LE (absolute bargain basement card) is good???

  simmo08 21:54 16 Jan 08

Thanks Santos and Techno, i think RAM is what i should get, i currently only have 512MB on XP Pro, im thinking maybe go to 2GB Ram as i want to turn this into a decent gaming pc.

Cheers all :)

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