getting rid of unwanted warnings

  pollpott 11:09 10 Jan 07

I keep getting a window opening telling me that my mouse battery is low which does not respond to simply unchecking the 'remind me later' box. After ignoring this message for the first few days it then changes to one which tells me that 'my mouse will no longer work' I use the mouse to cancel the window and carry on but it keeps coming back. How to get rid of it ?

  wee eddie 11:45 10 Jan 07

How about recharging/replacing the battery

  pollpott 11:50 10 Jan 07

Yeah but the battery isn't dead, that's why it's so annoying.

  wee eddie 11:59 10 Jan 07

How long have you had the mouse?

It might be worth cleaning the contacts with a pencil

  pollpott 12:28 10 Jan 07

the mouse works fine, it's just the message i want to be rid of

  wee eddie 12:33 10 Jan 07

It may be faulty even though it works

  recap 13:07 10 Jan 07

One option is to check for the latest driver for the mouse, this may resolve the issue?

  keef66 14:23 10 Jan 07

have you got any mouse-specific software? If so, maybe there's an option to disable the warnings??

(I had to uninstall my Logitech mouse software; it kept crashing me out of games if I inadvertently hit the scroll wheel. Works just fine with the windows default drivers / setup)

  pollpott 21:36 10 Jan 07

i've checked thru the mouse properties via control panel, there's a lot you can change but switching off the low battery warning isn't there. I guess i'll just have to put up with it, thanks everyone for the suggestions

  shizzy 22:07 10 Jan 07

Have the same problem with an MS mouse. Uninstall the software.

  pollpott 22:30 10 Jan 07

doesn't the mouse need any of it? should i keep a copy?

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