Getting rid of password managers

  HIT any key 16:32 21 Mar 05

Some time ago I experimented with various password managers but decided not to go that route.

When I looked to uninstall these they were not listed in the installed programs. No matter, I thought, I am planning a complete clean reinstall and that will clean them out.

I have just finished my clean install and, to my surprise, I am still getting the annoying popups from 'Password Manager' offering to save my password. As I normally use Firefox (a clean install) I tried IE and that came up with a similar message from 'Auto Complete' - although I am not sure if that is a standard part of IE.

I guess this somehow got transfered when I restored my settings but I have no idea where to look to kill this. Probably the registry but I don't know where?

Any idea would be most appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:46 21 Mar 05

Are these third party password managers, or those built in to the respective browsers?

  HIT any key 16:53 21 Mar 05

The ones I was experimenting with were 3rd party password managers such as Darn Passwords, PassKeeper, Password Vault, Password Crypt etc.

None actually have the name 'Password Manager' so that is either a generic title the program has given itself or it may be you are right and it is some feature built into Firefox that I was not aware of. If this is the case then I was thrown by my previous experimentation.

The popup window does not have any other product identity.

  HIT any key 16:57 21 Mar 05

I was completely off track. This message *IS* coming from an inbuilt feature in Firefox. I had just assumed that it was one of the 3rd party password managers I had been evaluating and had not checked.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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