getting rid of old name and domain

  digitaldilema 08:41 17 May 03

I wonder if anyone can help, i have been given a PC from where i work as they have upgraded and i would like to remove
A) a box that comes up after initial boot up, it says "Important notice" and in the box it says welcome to the LGC Network.I then have to click on OK to move on.
B)The log onto windows box, it has user name and password which i have no problems with, but it then has a catagory for "log on to". Arethese Domains? and if so can i get rid of them?, will i need to go into BIOS etc. Any help would be appreciated.

  digitaldilema 10:19 17 May 03

Has noone any ideas?

  Belatucadrus 11:12 17 May 03

Don't give up yet digitaldilema, there is probably somebody here who can help, but I think a little more information is required :-

What operating system are you using ?

What program is trying to access LGC, is it Novell netware or something ?

I think when you identify the culprit it will simply be a case of disabling or maybe removing it, but you may need one of the resident brains trust to work out how, best of luck.

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