Getting Rid Of Milk Oader from Computer Case

  RobCharles1981 25 Aug 12

Hi All

I had a clumsy accident the other day I split my milk onto my Case it wasn't that much just bellow half and it had gone into the case (oh dear) Motherboard and PSU and Poss Graphics Gone - so I've sent those back to get replaced!

Now I need advice on how I can get rid of the oader and stench of milk the case is a coolermaster 690ii advanced if that helps.

Thanks Rob

  Nontek 25 Aug 12

Cleaning the case out using White Vinegar might do it. White vinegar has many uses!

  RobCharles1981 25 Aug 12

Good Idea will try that!

  KRONOS the First 25 Aug 12

Just strip everything out and give it a good wash then thoroughly dry.

  RobCharles1981 25 Aug 12

Like Nontek said with White Vinegar and all should be well.

  chub_tor 25 Aug 12
  woodchip 25 Aug 12

better still don't spill milk on the pc

  RobCharles1981 25 Aug 12

I know that will teach me in future.

  woodchip 25 Aug 12

it's a hell of a job when it turns sower

  iscanut2 25 Aug 12

Sower, oader !!!! Is this post in English ?

  rdave13 25 Aug 12

iscanut , does it matter? So long as the stench of sour milk is removed.


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