Getting rid of an e-mail account

  Mike D 08:45 24 Dec 05

I recently moved from Tiscali to BT Yahoo. I have notified everyone that I need to about my new e-mail address. The Ticali e-mail is still active (presumably because of the dial-up account that was set up automatically when I first signed up) and, now that the Broadband account is finished, the built is spam filter has gone and if I check the e-mails I am inundated with spam, including what look like a lot of nasties with attachments.

How do I get rid of the account (I know that I can just stop checking it, but I don't want there to be the slightest chance that things could go on into the future). I am feeling a little paranoid since receiving an obvious "come on" stating that I had subscribed to a porn site @ £30 per month - I haven't, honest your honour! But is it unnerving to get these messages even if it seems that they are unlikely to have happened - but I do use my card on line etc, etc.
Thanks in advance,

  Gongoozler 09:22 24 Dec 05

Outlook Express - Tools - Accounts - Mail. Then select the accounnt you want to delete, and click the "Remove" button. Also Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Network Connections. Then delete any dial-up connections you don't want to use.

  Border View 09:38 24 Dec 05

Mike D - I have the same problem. I dont have my old Lineone e-mail address linked to Outlook Express, but if I log on to Tiscalli and check mail there are on average about 50 spam e-mails a day. I too dont use this old e-mail address anymore and wondered should I just stop checking it and let the mail box fill up with unwanted mail. Will follow this thread to see what others suggest.

Happy Christmas and a Healthy 2006.

  Mike D 10:31 24 Dec 05

Thanks Gongoozler, I use Outlook, but all the same I have deleted the account, but like an old itch, I must keep scratching it, just like you, Barmoor.

I know I should leave well alone, but I worry - probably unnecessarily - that some how my details can be gleaned from that old account.


And, yes, Seasons Greetings to all my fans!

  p;3 11:38 24 Dec 05

if you think there are mails on the server that you wish to read and some that are spam and need throwing , why not try using mailwasher to get it to check the server for you; that way you can download only the mails you want to your machine and chuck the spam from server; you can preview the mails via mailwasher, to check for yourself what is genuine and what is trash,; then delete from server (but dont bounce(clogs up the already too busy system for starters)), via mailwasher, the trash, and download from server the genuine stuff ;

there is a (or was ) free version of Mailwasher that checks just one account, and another version that checks multiple accounts (not sure if the first one is still free, it was when I got it) ; see if that helps at all with your problems?

  VoG II 11:41 24 Dec 05

Link click here 30b

  p;3 11:50 24 Dec 05

click here hopefully the right link to mailwasher should you decide to take a look:))

  Mike D 12:38 24 Dec 05

Thanks, guys I will look into Mailwasher, I used to use it, but didn't realise that the multi account version was still out there.


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