getting rid of computer

  Macnut 16:30 09 Feb 11

I am about to get rid of my old computer What is the best way to remove data?


  Al94 16:36 09 Feb 11

Take the hard drive out and use a lump hammer on it!

  skidzy 16:43 09 Feb 11

Why destroy it when the drive/s can be reused as storage !

If you really want to wipe it clean use click here then dump the computer or donate it to a needy outfit locally.

  theDarkness 16:44 09 Feb 11

lol. its true though. you could sell it, but (if youre paranoid) there are simple utilities that can allow the buyer to see what youve deleted, since deleting doesnt really delete your old files, it just no longer allows access to them, getting rid of individual file or folder icons on screen.

The best thing to do (if its not too old or too small in memory) is probably to install your old hard drive on your new computer as a second hard drive, eg where to install non important music files, or where to keep secondary backups.. if you dont want to do this, then go with your first reply instead! ;)

  Muergo 21:34 09 Feb 11

I would keep the hard drive in house, you never know what unconciously you may have put on it years ago, photos of your children etc.
I just bought a box from maplin to put a drive in converting it to an external hard disc, about £20 including all the leads & connectors.

  john bunyan 21:38 09 Feb 11

If you delete your data and use CCleaner Tools / Drive wiper - NSA 7 passes it will take ages but make it almost impossible to recover data.

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