Getting rid of the "Beep" on Boot-up

  John3:16 15:30 30 Mar 03


Anyone know how to get rid of the "Beep" when I boot up my home PC?

I often work in quiet environments, and this desturbs other people.

I'm running W98.



  powerless 15:35 30 Mar 03

1 Beep is normal.

You could disconnect the internal speaker.

  -pops- 15:38 30 Mar 03

The beep can give important information about the state of health of your machine and I consider it unwise to disable it. If you find it disturbing, don't switch your machine on and off so often. I switch on early morning and switch off late at night. Sometimes I leave it on all night.


  John3:16 15:40 30 Mar 03

That sounds complicated - anything easier?

(...have a tendency to break something else whenever I open the case up...!)

  graham 15:41 30 Mar 03

Shirly, this was covered yesterday!

  DieSse 15:41 30 Mar 03

It's one plug to pull off - that's all. No, there's no other way.

  everythingsuk 15:47 30 Mar 03

my reasonably new medion athlon xp1600 full case thingy, has no beep at turn on???????????
my laptop duz?

  John3:16 15:52 30 Mar 03

OK, thanks very much. Shall try disconnecting.


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