Getting printer to print "other" colours.

  Sapins 09:18 19 Dec 04

My wife was looking through a craft forum when she came across a post describing how to get a printer to print Gold, Deeper Gold, Silver and Copper!

I deleted the history and she cannot remember which site it was, what a pair:-(

The only information we have is that the person posting said to Type in:

For Gold; R192; R168; B104.

For Deeper Gold; R165; G138; B82.

For Silver; R151; G151; B168.

For Copper; R205; G115; B0.

But not where to type them!

I have gone through all the settings in the printer, Epson Stylus PHOTO 895, and cannot find anywhere to put in these figures.

Doe any of this make sense or is it just a "crafty" joke?

Good job it's not 1/4



  Diemmess 12:29 19 Dec 04

The figures look to me like the recommended settings to use for custom "Fill" colours in a heavyweight image handling program like Corel. There are many other programs do this as well, but the facility stops before the printer.

Colour printers these days may offer to change the colour effect of the print of a whole file, but they do this by internal software and "Intelligent" prompts and second guessing. This seems more to do with the paper and general effect than significant changes to a print

  Dorsai 12:36 19 Dec 04

Try define custom colours in what ever app you are using, and enter the values for R (red) , G (green) , and B (blue), as you quoted above.

For the MS paint app, 'colours' drop down menu, then 'define custome colours' button, and enter the numbers is the boxes to the bottom right.

the results are close to the colour you describe. I printed a test sheet, and the other half recognised them, without knowing why i was asking what she would 'call' the colour of the blocks.

  €dstowe 13:21 19 Dec 04

From experience, those RGB combinations will give approximately the colours you describe but not, of course the metallic sheen.

The suggested ways of obtaining thee effects are the ones I would use.

  pj123 14:11 19 Dec 04

They are not Printer Setup figures. They should be set up in an image editor programme. I have just tried those settings in Paint Shop Pro and yes, they do give a good approximation of the colours listed.

  Sapins 14:25 19 Dec 04

Hi Diemmess, Dorsai, and €dstowe,

Thanks for your help, we are now well on the way to using these settings.

I have just used Paint to try them out and I am very impressed with the quality of the colours.

Many thanks again from us both,



  Sapins 14:26 19 Dec 04

Sorry pj123, missed your post before I replied, our thanks to you too.

  GroupFC 14:35 19 Dec 04


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