Getting a nuisance pop-up on Windopws 7

  jonem81 17 Aug 12

Everytime I go to a website, a pop-up stating "We're popular! Everybody loves us! Don't you? Click ENABLE to get us back!" I really don't want this popping up all the time, so is there any way to delete it forever? I thought that I had got rid of it, and I believe it is a Serif product, but I am not sure.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Aug 12

tried cleaning the registry since removing the programs? ccleaner is a safe registy cleaner that may do the trick for you.

  lotvic 17 Aug 12

Which browser (Firefox, IE) are you using? have you set browser in Options to not allow popups? Do you have any Adblocker addons? You need to give us more details so that we can advise how to avoid getting it and similar again once you have cleaned with cCleaner.

I use SpywareBlaster (free program) and AdBlock Plus with Firefox Browser.

  jonem81 17 Aug 12

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Yes, used Ccleaner never without it! Thanks


Windows I/E 9, and yes, Options NOT to allow pop-ups set. I have not got an application such as Addblocker - is that a freebie ?

Thank you both for your help


  lotvic 17 Aug 12

Fanboys adblock list - that's the list I use with AdBlockPlus in Firefox. They are free so just go ahead and install the list in IE9.


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