getting my index.html to appear as my webpage

  especiallyunique 08:45 19 Feb 12

Hello, fairly new to this. I have managed to upload my index.html file via FTP software to a web host. I also have a domain name. What is the next step to getting this index.html file to actually appear as my webpage when i load the website address?

Many thanks Sam

  steve263000 09:22 19 Feb 12

When you type in your web site address the index page is the first one to show. All other pages are linked to that one.

  especiallyunique 12:11 19 Feb 12

thanks, but i don't think i explained it very good. i have my index.html sitting in my hosts (website) but am not sure what to do with it to get it to display as my main page when i type in the web address? how do i connect my domain to this index page? Many thanks

  Forum Editor 13:04 19 Feb 12

For this to work you must have your domain name sitting in some web space at your web host. Once the hosting package is live, any file placed in the public_html folder that has the name 'index.html' will be loaded by a web browser when the domain name is typed into the address bar.

Have you paid for a web-hosting package with a hosting company?

  especiallyunique 15:10 19 Feb 12

thanks for your reply, as it was my first attempt i have used a free host called Is this why i am having a problem. I have uploaded my html file to the htdocs directory. Am i missing a simple step or am i way off?? many thanks

  Forum Editor 15:51 19 Feb 12

the htdocs folder is your root folder on an apache web server - the same thing as a public-html folder. Your browser should by default load any html file name index.html (or index.htm) that is placed in the htdocs directory (folder).

What software did you use to create your page, and how did you upload it to the server?

  especiallyunique 16:29 19 Feb 12

thanks again for getting back to me, i used filezilla to upload it to the server. I created the webpage in publisher and then converted it to html

  Forum Editor 17:07 19 Feb 12

The first thing to say is that Microsoft Publisher is not particularly good as far as creating websites is concerned. That said, it can produce a usable html file, and provided you uploaded your index file to the root of your server space you should be able to see it on the web.

In saying that I'm assuming that your domain name is being hosted properly, and is pointed to your host's nameservers.

  especiallyunique 19:23 19 Feb 12

I am aware publisher is not the best route but just wanted to put a quick index.html together so that i hadn't spent ages making the site and then fail to upload it. After some more research i wonder if i need to alter the DNS of the domain (hope that makes sense) could this be the issue? My domain is with oneandone.

  especiallyunique 19:24 19 Feb 12

using somebody elses words 'point my domain to my host' ?

  Forum Editor 23:25 19 Feb 12

"i wonder if i need to alter the DNS of the domain (hope that makes sense) could this be the issue? My domain is with oneandone."

That solves the mystery. If your domain name is parked with OneandOne you will not be able to see anything that's uploaded to a different host's server. You'll need to do exactly as somebody else told you, and point your name to the host's nameservers.

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