getting memory back

  picklsey 06:54 03 Nov 04

hi all i,ve heard there are good programes about that will retrieve the memory on the pc to stop the pc hogging it,any one know of a good utility for this.thanks.xp home sp2

  Diodorus Siculus 07:39 03 Nov 04

From what I have read, XP SP2 is pretty good at dealing with memory and third party utilities are mostly redundant.

But someone may have experience of a good one - I am open to contradiction!

  picklsey 07:46 03 Nov 04

Diodorus Siculus,thanks for the info. will leave thread open for now.

  picklsey 17:23 03 Nov 04


  Dorsai 17:34 03 Nov 04

How much memory do you actually have? Perhaps the problem is not apps hogging memory, but a lack of it to start with?

I presume you have run the usual anti malware stuff to shift nasties from you pc, as these will certianly use up resources.

  iambeavis 17:52 03 Nov 04

Memory managers, which are supposed to free memory, are actually Counter productive as they consume memory in the execution of their duties.

  picklsey 17:54 03 Nov 04

Dorsai,sorry perhaps i should have made my post clearer,i have 1 gig. of memory and just now there are no problems with question was more about windows apperently (i think)doesn,t return memory but hoggs it so to speak and as i have went to the expence of putting the extra memory in i was wandering if there was a small programe available that would let me have maximum use of it most of the she who thinks she must be obeyed is nipping my to get the d/camcorder tapes on to dvd,i mean what does she want there only two and a half years old.

  iambeavis 18:03 03 Nov 04

Windows releases memory as and when it's required by a programme. As Diodorus Siculus said "XP SP2 is pretty good at dealing with memory". Better, in fact than any third party utility.

  iambeavis 18:05 03 Nov 04

I've used several.

  picklsey 18:08 03 Nov 04

thanks all i will keep my money then.once again thanks for taking the time to respond.

  Dorsai 18:27 03 Nov 04

Ditto, i have XP home and one gig.

I think the problem you refer to is called a 'memory leak'. In effect as you use the pc the memory seems to 'leak away' till there is none left. I believe that the problem is caused by poor memory management utilities (from MSoft), and that XP is much better at manageing memory than it's predecessors.

The best solution for a memory leak is to re-boot once in a while. Saying that i have left my PC on for over a week without re-booting, and never had a problem with running out of memory. Under win/ME i had to reboot every now and again. it would not go that long.

As you say, keep the cash in the bank till you have a problem. No point spending hard earned dosh to fix somthing that aint broke.

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