Getting inside me laptop!

  Epirb406 22:09 24 May 04

Hi all,

I have been given (lucky me!) a Sigma SI laptop.

It seems to have an overheat problem and a super noisy fan.

I want to get in and at least get rid of all the dust and probably renew the fan.

I've never been inside a laptop before so, proceeding with caution I took all the screws out of the bottom and tried to prise the two halves apart.

As the case wouldn't give up without a struggle I have put the screws back and am looking for advice!!

Any ideas, links and or advice?

Many thanks, Epirb.

  Eric10 22:46 24 May 04

I don't know this particular laptop but the key to opening a laptop is usually through the keyboard. Look for screws or clips in the keyboard area that may allow it to pop up. Once the keyboard is released there are usually screws underneath holding the rest together.

  Epirb406 23:13 24 May 04

thanks for that, think I will leave it until tomorrow now and report back.

bit late in the day now!!!

Cheers, epirb.

  Epirb406 21:01 25 May 04

In this case it was a case of releasing four clips together and removing the keyboard.

It was then a case of unplugging the keyboard, the switch for which fell into two bits (brittle because of the heat?) and four screws to remove the single unit heatsink and fan.

There wasn't a lot of dust in there and the fan seemed secure enough on it's bearings.

The thermal paste was a bit patchy and certainly wasn't 'holding on'

Knowing that interfering further would cause distaster I cleaned it up, smeared a good bit of thermal paste about the place and slapped it all back together.

The keyboard plug works in two bits and I have a very lovely, if rather noisy laptop.

Think I'll stop there!

Cheers, Epirb.

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