Getting Gaming PC!

  mr-greenkey 19:38 10 Jan 12

Ok, I posted this in absolute beginners because this is the very start of my PC story I suppose. Anyway my question is, where should I buy a good/reliable gaming PC from?

  KRONOS the First 09:15 11 Jan 12

It would help to have an idea of your budget,please remember a pre-built gaming PC is not necessarily cheap.

  mr-greenkey 20:21 11 Jan 12

I know it's not a cheap thing to buy which is unfortunate :(

My budget is £830.

Needs to be at least i5 and 8GB RAM if that helps at all.

Would building your own be out of the equation? For gaming systems in particular, you can save quite a lot of money that way.

Do you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc from that budget too or just a tower?

  ICF 07:34 12 Jan 12
  ICF 07:40 12 Jan 12

Forgot to say. No speakers or monitor with the above PC

  mr-greenkey 16:24 12 Jan 12

I do need: Tower Keyboard Mouse

I don't need: Monitor Speakers

When I add windows 7 Home to that computer that's linked it goes up to £919 so I can't buy that :(

  ICF 07:20 13 Jan 12

How about This one then

  ICF 07:24 13 Jan 12

Have a look Here this give you an idea of the kind of hardware you should be looking for in a PC.

  ICF 07:27 13 Jan 12

If you have a student living in your house then you can buy Windows for less than £40 here

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