Getting files from my laptop to my desktop as easily as possible.

  Triprajul 17 Nov 11


After being on the road for a week or more with my ever faithful laptop, I have lots of files on my laptop. After returning home, I usually download the files from the laptop to a flash (or thumb) drive and after that, I would download the files to my desktop. However, this seems rather inefficient. Can I simply attach my laptop to my desktop by some type of cable and then simply download the files from my laptop to my desktop directly? If so, how would I do this? Any advice given on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  gengiscant 17 Nov 11

The simplest way in theory anyway would be to network the two PC's. I say in theory because networking can be a pain to set up if the PC's have different operating systems. Microsoft finally made networking easy with Windows 7 but should you want to network an XP PC with Windows 7 can it be a nightmare, I eventually gave up on that one,it was cheaper and better for my sanity and hair to upgrade the better halfs PC to Windows 7.

Another method is to use a crossover cable, Instructions I have not used this method so have not got a clue if it is easy to set up or not. Cables.

Another method,again I have never used this, is a USB transfer cable. Transfer Cable.

  rawprawn 17 Nov 11

What about "Dropbox" that way your files will always be up to date at any time. Dropbox

I use it to keep my desktop, laptop and iPad all in sync.

  gengiscant 17 Nov 11

Excellent suggestion rawprawn and one I should have thought of as I use the program myself. The free version will give you 2GB of storage and if you need more then it costs a monthly fee. Dropbox.

  Housten 17 Nov 11

Triprajul ,

On the understanding that you have emails on both machines, why not just email file to your self. Then when you see/want your emails on other machine just download them. My wife and I do this with files - especially Word ones - when one of us wishes to check/verify/alter/amend/adapy one of the other's files. Good. quick and easy!


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