getting cut off!!!!

  vodkagal3 11:19 10 May 04

I run xp home on broadband.... the last month or two when my telephone rings ... I loose my connection to my pc. It is very annoying when using messenger because obviously I loose my contact. Also when I make a telephone call my connection to my pc is lost.

Any ideas??? Have all the relevant filters etc and have checked that they are all ok. I have a BT line to my phone.

  scooby43 11:46 10 May 04

have you tried ringing BT and ask them to check the line just incase?

  Djohn 11:49 10 May 04

Have you set up the filter in the correct position? As a basic guide you should have your filter plugged into your main phone socket, the phone connected into the phone side of the filter and the modem connected into the ADSL side of the filter.

If you have any other phone-points including SKY TV these should also have a filter between them and the phone socket they are connected to. j.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:59 10 May 04

you need to have Micro Filters on all phone equipment in you house.

  vodkagal3 13:06 10 May 04

Thanks for you help.....I think I will get BT to check my line, unfortunately I have lost my voice at the moment so maybe tomorrow my vocal chords will be in a better condition!!!

I have the correct filters on all phone points, sky, etc etc

Will inform the outcome of my call to BT asap

once again thank you

  vodkagal3 16:45 10 May 04

just had phone line checked by BT and its ok.....anybody have anymore suggestions

  spuds 21:56 10 May 04

How many connection points do you have, and do you have anything connected to them.

The problem could be Ren Loading,faulty filter,faulty/corroded BT cable or joints.Many things to consider, but it would seem as though there is a 'feed-back' somewhere on your system.

  vodkagal3 17:41 11 May 04

By how many connections do I have I assume you mean phone points? If thats what you mean we only have two, one of which has the phone plugged in the other we have the pc plugged into, both have filters fitted. BT have checked the line and say its ok.

Would be pleased if you have any further suggestions.

  spuds 18:44 11 May 04

What I would suggest as a trial and error method.Swap your filters and connecting plugs about [If you have a spare filter,try that].Remove the cover on the BT type plug terminal boxes, and check wires [colour coded]and see if they are loose.

If you only have one phone connected to the BT line, then your ren rating should only be half to one ren [4 is suggested as maximum].

BT line check isn't 100% as abnormalities can creep in, especially where any corrosion is present, either in interior or exterior joints,boxes etc.But corrosion usually is indicated by 'crackling' sounds on line. If you have an old BT wire installation, then it could be possible, the problem lies there.Be carefull, when you contact BT,they may want to charge, unless the fault proves their making. Sorry for not being more helpful.

  vodkagal3 19:44 11 May 04

Cheers spuds, will let you know how we go on....don't think its a BT wiring fault we have newish installation.....

Thanks alot for trying to help me x

  Graham ® 20:15 11 May 04

Who is your ISP? This has all the makings of an exchange fault.

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