Getting the cost value of my PC

  Squiggler 13:47 03 Jun 05

I am thinking about selling my PC but find it hard to offer a quote as to its value. If I compare it to what is on offer online at the minute, I get a value but is this really realistic?
Is there anywhere where I enter my PC details and get it valued for resale.


  Indigo 1 14:06 03 Jun 05

Post all the details including age and any upgrades here.

You can use SiSioft [email protected] Lite click here= to get a detailed description or Aida32 click here for less detail (probably enough).

The best place to find out it's value would be Ebay, just look up PC's with similar specs and watch them to see what they sell for.

  Squiggler 09:25 06 Jun 05

Cheers for the analysis links. I have been checking eBay for similar pcs, but I thought that there may have been a more professional method. But not a problem, will stick with eBay. Thanks for the help

  wee eddie 13:24 06 Jun 05

the main problem is not the value, but actually finding someone that wants an old PC.

Particularly one that is over a year old as an up to date, but low spec, Base Unit can be purchases for £250 or even less.

  Squiggler 19:30 06 Jun 05

My pc is indeed over a year old but I have it up to date so that it is in better shape than most (some) new pcs available at the minute. It is just hard to compare a brand new pc against a older one of the same standard.

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