Gettin bogus mail agian

  sedgi 00:17 03 May 04

Back again, I changed my email address, only given it to one friend so far, and Im getting those fake patch emails already. Theres no signs that I am infected I don`t understand why im getting this mail. Could it be that my friends system is infected.

  johnnyrocker 00:20 03 May 04

quite likely.


  Old Shep 10:28 03 May 04

Just logged on and had THIRTEEN of them. I have Mailwasher so just delete them off the server. Got to admit it is very annoying!!!! They always somehow find your e.mail address.

  dewskit 11:12 03 May 04

I too am plagued with Spam, although SpamPal does divert most of it for me.

However I have friend who is a Radio Amateur and he just uses his callsign as his email address and he never seems to get any Spams.

Maybe we should all change to using a random collection of letters and numbers as an address?
Maybe I should try it and report back?


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