Get laptop with no OS

  ex-wirecutter 15:22 21 Mar 08

Is it possible to buy a laptop with no OS so you can install one of your own choice with only moderate computer savvy ??
Do laptops run a cut down version of desktop OS ?

  stylehurst 16:33 21 Mar 08

Go to Novatech, they supply without an OS installed.
Laptops run full OS not cut down version.

  Strawballs 18:22 21 Mar 08
  ex-wirecutter 14:53 22 Mar 08

Thanks , Will contact Novatech

  Demora 16:51 22 Mar 08

You shouldn't have any problems with Novatech, I have bought a Desktop and a laptop from them and also bought the O/S seperately. I always like to do this so as I have the full Windows CD at all time. Not a backup partition on the HDD.


  David4637 17:10 22 Mar 08

Make sure the laptop and the OS are compatable for their drivers, or you could be in for trouble? Go for the laptop make and the OS from the same supplier, or make sure the OS will install on it? David

  ex-wirecutter 11:25 23 Mar 08

Thanks again all

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