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  User-178362 00:30 24 Feb 06

I was going to send an email, when it told me I could not send it because I needed a digital ID.
I looked on this Forum and found info from 14.2.06. Saying in OE, go to Tools/Options/Security/and untick digital sign. All out going. After sending the email. I went back into tools etc and put the tick back, OK, Apply, Other way round? not sure, but the tick is in. Will I be able to receive any mail back from the person I sent the email to? What does this tick in or out of the box mean on the above. Microsoft 97 XP. Thank you.

  remind 05:58 24 Feb 06

Not needed unless you want your email encrypted,uncheck it. click here

  User-178362 17:45 24 Feb 06

Thank you very much for your link. I had put the tick back in as it as always been in digitally sing all outgoing message. You think I should take it out,. Does it make a difference?
I wanted to send an email in word but I got the same message, so if I hadn't have put the tick back in it would have gone?

  remind 17:50 24 Feb 06

It makes a difference in that you can't send emails with it ticked so untick it! It's unneccessary. Strange that it's selected at all, it's normally something the user has to enable if required.

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