Genuine or not???

  tilly 2 01 May 12

Can anyone please tell me if people who call on the phone saying they are from Windows and claim centres in India and Uk and quoting my address. Saying they have received fault reports from my computer and want to help. Could this be a scam?

  sharpamat 01 May 12

The simple answer Yes

Microsoft does not contact users and in many cases do not even have your home address or phone number

  Jollyjohn 01 May 12

Yes definitely a scam. Tell them you use Linux and see how quick they hang up!

  Woolwell 01 May 12

It is definitely a scam. Numerous threads about this and items on the web and in the press. I hope that you did not let them get access to your system.

  tilly 2 01 May 12

Thank you ALL. No I did not let them get access. He ended up saying you don't like me because I'm Indian, which of course I had never said, He was annoyed because I would not accommodate his request. But its unnerving when they give out your address, but I guess they cannot get into my computer unless I let them.

  lotvic 01 May 12

Just do a google search for: microsoft telephone scam

The scammers don't even know if you have a computer - they just guess and use clever questioning. As long as you only talk on the phone (don't go on pc and download the Remote Control Software they want you to) they can't trace your computer at all.

They get the Phone No: Names and Addresses from telephone directories and online information.

  tilly 2 01 May 12

Thank you very much lotvic. I am grateful for your advice.

  morddwyd 01 May 12

Just say "What computer?"

  Andsome 02 May 12

Just put the phone down and leave the line open, and let them pay for several minutes.


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