Genius keyboard/ email.

  taffyal 13:00 20 Jan 08

Cant access Foxmail with Genius KB19-e k/board email button ,says Windows cant find
C:\AL\FOXMAIL\FOXMAIL.exe.exe. Its actually at C:\FOXMAIL.Had this problem before with different PC, sorted it by reinstalling Foxmail. Have tried reinstalling Foxmail & the k/board, to no avail. I can access it from desktop, but then if I press F4 to check all mail,it says one of the 3 Tiscali accounts is blocked by other server. If I check it individually from Foxmail, its OK!
I know its not a big problem, & I'm not that lazy!!, but I like things to work!

  DieSse 14:31 20 Jan 08

"says Windows cant find

Are you sure - it wouldn't normally have .exe.exe on the end - it'll never find it if that's really what it's looking for.

I vaguely remember there's some software where you can tell the keyboard exactly what you want it to do for each key. I'm pretty sure you must be able to set that up somewhere, as the keyboard as standard would not be looking for Foxmail.

So change the reference to where the program really is.

  taffyal 17:40 20 Jan 08

Thanks Diesse.Thats definitely what it says, I thoght it strange. Seems as if the "Genius" is telling Windows to look there, but I've no idea how to tell it to look in the proper place. I've googled for ages, but can find no reference to it.

  Taff™ 06:17 21 Jan 08

You should have had a driver & software disk supplied with the Keyboard. The software allows you to change the hot key "target" program. Drivers click here

  taffyal 15:53 21 Jan 08

Thanks Taff. My disc only contains 1 page telling me what the "Genius" does, but gives no option to change anything! I tried Softpedia, but it doesn't start download, & when I try the External Mirror, I get a DNS error!

  DieSse 16:10 21 Jan 08

Try here click here near bottom of page.

I keep trying the kye site, but it doesn't appear to be working at present - that's why I didn't post a link yesterday when I replied.

  taffyal 17:24 21 Jan 08

Alreday tried this, thanks.Strangely, I loaded Firefox onto my other pc, linked with kvm, & works OK, without loading the drivers!!

  DieSse 18:00 21 Jan 08

There isn't a key on the keyboard you press to activate the settings mode is there? - It's a long time since I used a Genius keyboard of any kind, and my memory is a bit hazy.

Foxmail - Firefox - there's no connection between them as far as I'm aware.

  taffyal 21:54 21 Jan 08

Sorry, getting stupid! I meant Foxmail on other PC, not Firefox

  taffyal 18:37 12 Feb 08

Kept Firefox on other PC, using Incredimail on this one, & it finds it OK.Thanks, Al.

  taffyal 18:37 12 Feb 08

Stupid again, I meant Foxmail!!

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