Generall Problems!

  cthooli 21:30 12 Dec 03

Think i've been punished for not using anti virus software i finally re-installed AVG, never got to re-insatlling it after i sent my laptop back to TIME to be repaired and they wiped my hard disk! It then found seven assorted viruss and removed them! also had a look through Program Files and removed everything i didnt recognise. Now when i run AVG it comes up all clear, but looking at the Task Manger, there is always a back round program running called 'pup' so i close that everytime but every reboot it starts again. Also i seem to get an increasingly large number of popups even on reliable and stable sites which i have visited for years and got nothing. Also IE always seems to come up with DEBUG windows or somthing sayng various error messages!
any general ideas? can i use a spyware tracker to try and get rid of 'pup'? anyone got any ideas? Also as my laptop is part of a wireless network and the Net connection is on the other computer i cant use somthing like ZoneAlarm because the free version doesnt support networks! and help there either?
Thanks all


  plsndrs3 21:35 12 Dec 03

This could be pup :

click here

I would firstly advise running Adaware to remove this or spybot S&D from click here



  cthooli 21:42 12 Dec 03

yeah that pup site looks the same, that smiliy ad is always one that comes up! i'm down loading Adaware now (ah how slow ISDN seems now!) and once i've done that i'll do search and destroy too! I'll keep you updated!

  cthooli 21:52 12 Dec 03

rather worryingly adaware found 147 objects! removed them all so now i'm about to restart and see whats happened!!

  obbit 21:56 12 Dec 03

to stop them 147 nasties reinstalling again download spywareblaster

click here

it's free and updates are free too

  cthooli 22:07 12 Dec 03

i've just run Search and Destroy thing too, found another seven things and loaded imunisation too and its all updated, so now i'm going to restart and see what happends! heres crossed fingers!

  cthooli 22:16 12 Dec 03

well apart from those 147 nasties PUP is still running everytime on start up! aaaaaaahhhh!!

  cthooli 22:44 12 Dec 03

A Runtime Error has occured do u with to debug?!

THats what i'm getting a lot now any ideas to help anyone?!?!

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