Geforce4 MX 440

  ellese 00:14 26 Apr 03

Can anyone shed anymore light on the geforce4 mx 440 graphics card as i have it installed on my machine on a gigabyte motherboard with windows xp pro. Is it a top end card or more for the mainstream user as i feel games such as MOH and GTAIII are not quite running as smoothly as i would have liked, dont get me wrong they still look good but GTAIII looks kind of dark at times and it jumps.

  Sion 00:57 26 Apr 03

The GeForce MX 440 is more of a mainstream card, which may explain your low frame-rates. For sheer gaming power you will need an Nvidia chip with an Nfinite FX engine, anything from the Geforce 3 or 4 Ti range.

Although, how fast is your CPU? Games like MOH:AA and GTA 3 usually need at least a 1Ghz CPU to run properly.

GTA 3 is also one of the most bugged game ever released. People have played it on 2Ghz CPU's and still had stuttery gameplay.

  mcullum_DX4Life 01:36 26 Apr 03

On GTA3 turn on frame limiter and it will prevent the stuttering. TBH though, you should really invest in a GeForce3/4ti as they have full direcx8 supports (such as pixel shaders etc). Of course, the Radeon 8500 upwards is also a good choice.

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