Geforce Graphics card & XP problems

  Raty99 13:02 11 Mar 03

Prob is that everytime a game is played my PC then runs slow. I can correctt his by going to the system Properties/device manager then select the graphics board and "scan for hardware changes" then reboot. all is then well!

I am running nvidia's detenator 4.0 drivers - latest for XP. I have loaded the motherboard Via latest drivers for the AGP slot. Changed the BIOS settings from auto to x2, 32M and even set the power drive for the card to several settings between top current drive and the lowest all to no effect......even checked latest bios in the graphics card! this is correct. Any ideas where to go now??

Card is nvidia GeForce 32M MX400, System is based on ECS L7VTA M/B, AMD2100+ proc with 256MDDR

Any help would be great...

  AndySD 14:26 11 Mar 03

click here and try one of the beta drivers. But remember to remove the old drives first from Add/Remove Programs. I have been using the 43.00 for a few days now with no problems.

In the Bios set the AGP to 4X and 64M and make sure fast write is disabled.

  Raty99 17:50 11 Mar 03

Thanks AndySD - tried all you suggested but still the same results, after playing a game the PC runs slow. I changed the BIOS to what was recomended on the site as well!

Looking for other ideas????

  AndySD 18:18 11 Mar 03

Try disabling some of the things running in the backgroung.

Windows XP processes click here

and go Start/Run type in


and choose the startup tab use the list click here and untick anything Not Required

  JAMIE_TROMBO 18:40 11 Mar 03

can anyone help me?
basically i have g force mmx 400 graphics card.every time i try and play a dvd the computer immediatly crashes and reboots in safe mode,this happens with all 3d ie games graphics etc.i can only assume my bios is wrong ,how do i know?
i have a 1.2 ghz amd athlon with a k7s5a mainboard
any suggestions please

  AndySD 07:28 12 Mar 03

Is this a new graphics card in an older system? If so it may well be your power suply is not coping.

  Spook Tooth 07:59 12 Mar 03

Might be worth turning off hardware acceloration (noting the change if any when playing back DVDs) - if fusing WinDVD, there is an additional 93rd party) program allowing you access to enabling 3D/Nvidia GPU acceloration - that might be worth tinkering with.

I found the Via hyperion drivers to drag personally, just downloaded the usual up to date 4in1s instead, far less buggy and graphics performance is better.

AndySD - 23MBs! That must be a record for nvidia, even. Hope they pep things up a little, the 42.90s seemed to sag somewhat.

  AndySD 08:09 12 Mar 03

Spook Tooth yes the newest Hyperions slowed my system by 2% so off they came ( but on the nippers K7V8X it made a world of difference, even though I havent speed tested it )....But the Detonator 43.00 ....3% speed increase on my PC.

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