GeForce FX 8x AGP will work on 4x agp slot?

  Mysticnas 18:27 02 Apr 03


a mate of mine has wants to order a new agp card tonight, just wants to know whether a GF FX 8x AGP card will function on a 4x mobo, he needs to use it ASAP, he will get a new motherboard soon, but he needs to use it on his 4x motherboard now.


  Mysticnas 18:37 02 Apr 03


  Ironman556 18:44 02 Apr 03

I can't guarentee it, but I think it should.

From what I've read:

An 8x card will usually work on 4x/8x AGP slot.

A 4x card will usually work on a 4x/2x AGP slot.

A 2x card will run in a 2x/1x AGP slot.

I think 8x Radeon's will run in all, but not certain.


  Mysticnas 18:48 02 Apr 03

can anyone be sure of it???

  cheapskate2k 19:09 02 Apr 03

Cant be sure but will there is no reason why it shouldnt work and the difference in performance will be negligable. If you think about it you can set the mobo to 4x and that causes no problems so there you go.

  dawnyworld 19:32 02 Apr 03

yes it works a friends just bought an abit ti4200 otes 8x and it works in his abit kr7a mb
hope this helps

  professor 19:34 02 Apr 03

an AGP 8x card will work on a AGP 4x MB as the voltages for the cards are the same(1.5v)it just means that an 8x AGP on a 4x AGP MB will run at half the data speed


  BrianW 19:36 02 Apr 03

I'm using an mx440 with an 8X AGP in an AGP 4 slot without problem - so your mate should be OK. I think, as Ironman said, they are designed to be backward compatible. Anything on the Nvidia site to resolve this?

  Mysticnas 20:05 02 Apr 03

he just txt'd me and comfirmed he's just ordered himself a GF FX card.

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