yellows 18:29 28 Apr 04

I have just purchased a Geforce fx 5900 ultra graphics card. Got no problem with opening up my computer and inserting it in agp slot but with the card i have got an auxilary power connector. The cable has 3 ends which one plugs into the card but were do the other two ends plug in on the motherboard. Motherboard is a A7N8X-E DELUXE. Be grateful for any advise.

  stuntmaster 19:27 28 Apr 04

hi there, yeah your graphics card needs a power source (quite a nessecity these days), its simple the 3 wire end goes on your graphics card and the other end goes into a cd-rom/hd style power plug that is the 4 pin molex type. its simple and it dont even need to touch the mainboard at all.

glad this can help.


  stuntmaster 19:28 28 Apr 04

you say there is two ends unused? are they all 3 pin style connectors or 4 pin?

  gudgulf 19:36 28 Apr 04

Its a splitter cable--one end plugs into a 4-pin connector on your main wiring harness-one goes to the graphics card leaving on to connect to a cd drive or whatever.

Its just to make sure you can take a power feed to the graphics card even if you dont have any free connectors left.

  yellows 19:42 28 Apr 04

thanks everyone you all been a big help

  stuntmaster 19:46 28 Apr 04

yeah i sorta got confused as i have neva seen a GC come with a harness connector before only the floppy type to molx mainly.


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