GeForce 6600 GT

  funky_demon 15:39 31 Mar 05

I have the following spec PC.

Athlon XP3200 Processor


DDR400 Ram

Can i use the GeForce 6600GT Graphics card with this set up?

The motherborad isnt PCI Express, but on reviews it saya AGPx8 / PCI Express

Does this mean it can be plugged into normal AGP slots?

Also it mentions about that it is designed to be used with the new GDDR3 memory

Can i still use it with my RAM

Your help is appreciated!

  rubella 15:52 31 Mar 05

The 6600GT comes in two flavours PCI Express and AGP. You’ll need the AGP one for your board.

  NinkyRudes 16:46 31 Mar 05

You will have absolutely no issues using the AGP version of this card with your system.

'GT' badging indicates a supercharged version of a chipset, followed by 'Ultra' for the nitrous-powered version. 'LE' is nVidia's coding for a little bit slower, but a LOT cheaper.

However, for not much more money you can have the 6800LE, the cut-down version of nVidia's flagship graphics chipset (6200 is entry-level, 6600 is mid-range, 6800 top-end). The 6600GT is blistering for the money (<£130), but a few more pennies will give your modern apps/games the latest graphics options, and run them a little faster too.

Having said that, I run a 6600GT (AGP) in one of my systems, and a 6800GT (AGP) in the other, and, at this time, the framerate difference is there, but it's beyond what the human eye can detect (i.e. anything over about 30-35 fps).

It's a good card.

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