Geforce 4 MX4000 vs Geforce 3 Ti500

  aca 09:53 31 Oct 04

Have just upgraded MB and been given MX4000 as replacement for aging Ti500.

Performance poor in comparison esp. when running Halo. Poor graphics alomost cartoon like. Increasing to reasonable game video settings slow framerate.

Any views on Mx4000 is it worth going back to Ti500 or fiddling with drivers/settings?

  SimonC 10:11 31 Oct 04

Hi aca
Someone might correct me on this but having just upgraded from a Ge-force 4 Ti400, the 2 main differences are, 1 the MX is a cut down version of a fully featured card and 2 (the most relevant with modern games) is that MX cards because they are cut down versions of their big brothers do not support pixel shaders. This is the technology that allows new games such as Thief 3 and Splinter Cell to display the deeply cool lighting and shadow effects. As I say someone might correct me as to the specs of your Geforce 3 but I know this to be the case for Geforce 4 cards. Also the loss of frame rates shows to you that the MX is indeed a budget card and as a result your 'aging' but fully featured card wipes the floor with it. Hope this helps

All the best


  goonerbill © ® 10:25 31 Oct 04

your old g3 ti500 will out perform the g4 mx4000. its hard to find a site that does a comparison of the two cards but the closest that does is this click here

  aca 12:58 31 Oct 04

most helpful will reclaim my ti500

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