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  orihuela 13:23 07 Dec 07

I have a desktop computer plus have just added a laptop computer using the wizard. I notice when I looked on my Network Connections I have "Wireless Connection" but also a "Gateway Connection". I read that that a Gateway Connection allows me to connect to the internet using a shared connection or another computer, so I presume its OK.

I am a bit windy about security on a wireless laptop (although I do have encrytion) so I just wanted to ask is the Gateway Connection on my laptop correct and safe to be there and safe to use?

  Kemistri 15:46 07 Dec 07

Looks like this should have gone into Networking.

Start from the top: are you using a router-based network or a peer-to-peer network?

IF you are using P2P, then you can expect to have a Gateway and you can use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). If a router is being used, then you seem to have ended up with an incorrect configuration.

By the way: which wizard? Details please.

  orihuela 17:13 07 Dec 07

I'm not sure what you mean by P2P but my desktop pc which is upstairs has a router. To set up my laptop I used Wireless Network Setup Wizard from my control panel and I have a laptop adapter.

Sorry to be so dim.

  Kemistri 18:16 07 Dec 07

Per the description in my first post, P2P is an abbreviation of peer to peer. Sometimes known as ad-hoc.

Since you use a host-based (router) network, there should not be any gateway and you should be very careful indeed about running any network-related wizards, particularly the totally superfluous Wireless Wizard.

What type of "laptop adapter" is that and what manages it (Windows or 3rd party software), in case it's relevant?

  orihuela 09:55 08 Dec 07

When I tried to set up my laptop wireless connection I went through the control panel (I have windows xp), and clicked on the icon "wireless network setup". It didn't work properly, so I found the disc that came with the BT Voyager 1065 laptop adapter and follwed its instructions.

I dont know at which point the gateway connection appeared on my laptop, but an interesting fact is that sometimes it's not there, then next time I look it will appear. It will show both the wireless connection and the gateway connection as being "connected". I cannot disconnect from the gateway.

  Kemistri 15:48 08 Dec 07

Couple of things for you to do that will probably help.

Firstly, check that ICS is disabled in the services management console - run services.msc

Secondly, follow the uninstall procedure for the BT adapter - I assume that you installed its management software, which you need to remove. You should be letting Windows manage wireless connections via Wireless Zero Config. Steps as follows:
[1] Uninstall the software in the usual way from the list in Program Access and Defaults.
[2] Uninstall the driver from Device Manager (ask me if you don't know how).
[3] Reboot. Run a cleanup if possible.
[4] Plug the adapter in. Let Windows install the driver from the product CD or (better yet) download the latest version from BT. Do not run the CD at all.
[5] Reboot if prompted.

There really is virtually no configuration involved in connecting to a wireless network; it is all done from the icon in the notification area and takes about 3 clicks and 2 seconds. Don't run any wizards again.

One more question - how old is this laptop? I'm wondering whether you are certain that it does not have its own integral adapter.

  Kemistri 15:50 08 Dec 07

You will probably want to do step [2] before step [1], just to be on the safe side.

  orihuela 10:06 09 Dec 07

My laptop is a few years old. Its an Acer Aspire 3000. It has a sticker on the from which says "Wi-Fi b/g Wireless Protocols compliant"

  Kemistri 13:28 09 Dec 07

Surely it has an integral adapter, if it claims to be Wifi compliant. Check in Device Manager (network adapters) - if you have been trying to use an adapter when another is already installed and active, that probably won't help.

  orihuela 17:56 13 Dec 07

It seems the Gateway connection has now gone from my laptop. Don't think I did it exactly how you said, got a bit lost (this is Absolute Beginners).

Thank you.

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