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  Rossagh 10:58 05 Nov 03

I am contemplating either buying a new pc or upgrading my Dell 1 ghz which is about three years old. I use it mostly for flight simulations and would welcome any advice on the best system/upgrade.
Thanks in advance.

  Nades 11:29 05 Nov 03

I have just upgraded with AMD xp 2600 (2.2ghz) ASUS socket A motherboard, sparkle Ge force4 128mg grafix card (although 64mg would be fine).Grafix card is probably the thing that will affect gaming the most, so if you can afford it go for 128mg 8xAGP, Sparkle was cheapest for me at the time. All from click here

  ThePharcyde007 17:00 05 Nov 03

The memory on a graphics card does not come into play too much after 64mb

I have just upgraded to a EPOX socket 478 with 512MB ram P4 2.4Ghz

I run microsoft flight sim 2002 on it no probs with my geoforce 4 64mb tv out 50.00 pounds from PC World.

  hugh-265156 17:19 05 Nov 03

flight sim 2002/cof/cfs etc are quite cpu intensive so a good processor will give better results.

i use a 1.8 p4 and a radeon 9000 and with this modest specs get very good results at 1024x768.with higher specs you will be flying(excuse the pun)

  Proxy Worm 17:47 05 Nov 03

Have a look at click here these are made for gaming but expensive, you could go for a bundle upgrade with motherboard, memory, processor.

  DAG88 18:03 05 Nov 03

check what your motherboard's limits are. If it's too old it may not be able to work with high spec components

  Rossagh 10:30 12 Nov 03

Thanks to everyone who replied. A friend of mine has offered to build the following PC at an extremely reasonable price (£1,100) -
Asus motherboard with 800 mhz FSB, 8xAGP slot, ATA-133 IDE controller and 5.1 onboard sound
1024 MB DDR RAM at 400 mhz FSB
Maxtor 160Gb ATA 133 HDD
Creative 3D Blaster Geforce 5, 8xAGP with 256mb onboard RAM at 466 Mhz bus speed, DVI and TV output
LG 52xCD rewriter with Nero software
LG 48x DVD player
Creative modem blaster 56k V92 internal modem
Logitech 5.1 speakers with 5 satellite speakers
Hansol 15" LCD TFT monitor with built in speakers
MS optical keyboard and mouse
Black ATX midi tower
Coolmaster coppercore heatsink fan

I am far from being an expert, but the specs seem impressive - I would welcome comments.
Thanks again to all who replied.

  Muzziad 11:59 12 Nov 03

does he offer onsite warranty or return to base :-)

  Muzziad 12:09 12 Nov 03

If you are spending that sort of money i'd think about either a 17" TFT or a good 19" CRT, maybe even bigger if you can get a good price.

Also you don't state which OS, but i assume it'll be XP Home or Pro.

I built my system around an Asus board (A7N8X Deluxe) and they can be fussy about RAM, the generic memory i originally purchased didn't work very well, i eventually swapped it for Corsair.

Also, scrap the modem and go BB (if you can in your area), it takes gaming to a new level. Looks a nice system though, good luck and enjoy.

  froggg 17:44 12 Nov 03

nice system, but a processor WOULD be required to get the best out of it!!
creative 6.1 speakers rock!cheap with it.
21" sony tubed crt ,you're sitting in the cockpit.
creative modem is WAY too dear,no better than a cheapie.
you'll want a sound card ,audigy oem.
asus p4p800 mobo has raid etc,h/drives are cheap,stripe for speed.

  Muzziad 09:36 13 Nov 03

The surround sound i get from my Asus board is excellent. Even though i spent just under the 2k mark when building my system i thought i'd give the onboard sound a try before buying a soundcard. I'm glad i did, it saved me more than a few quid.

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