Games Playing twice as fast. Help!

  SuziiQ 15:15 11 Aug 07

My pc is playing all my games no matter how old/new they are twice as fast as they should be. I dont have a multiprocessor so its not that. Anybody know anything??

  brundle 15:39 11 Aug 07

Version of Windows, CPU, memory, graphics card?
If you're not sure download this and see the summary page; click here

When did the PC start doing it?

  SuziiQ 15:46 11 Aug 07

Xp home edition. unknown cpu type 633 mhz?
1024mb memory
Nvidia Geforce 7600 gt
That what you meant ^ ??
Pc started doing it the day before yesterday

  brundle 15:55 11 Aug 07

Yes, that's the info. What kinds of games? Any/all games? Online games?

  SuziiQ 16:23 11 Aug 07

All of them. I dont play online games.
i tried dre-downloading direct x but nothing changed.

  SuziiQ 16:25 11 Aug 07

i'll give you a wee list of the games.
Sims 2 with all the expansions.
Zues: master of olympus.
Rollercoaster tycoon 3 again with both xpansions.

  brundle 16:31 11 Aug 07

Do videos work at normal speed? Not a cure, but something to check - Control Panel/Display,click Settings, click Troubleshoot, move the Hardware Acceleration slider one or two notches down. Try one of your games, if it still runs too fast, take acceleration down a couple more notches until it makes a difference.

  SuziiQ 16:39 11 Aug 07

nope. Just affects my mouse?

  brundle 16:43 11 Aug 07

Any changes to your system at all since Thursday?
You could try compatibility mode to see if it slows things down, set it to Windows 98.

  SuziiQ 16:56 11 Aug 07

Nope only thing i did was put a desktop fan at the back of my computer cause it was overheating. how do you get to compatibility mode?

  brundle 16:57 11 Aug 07

One more thing; go to the same screen I mentioned earlier, but click the 7600GT tab (it'll be there if you've installed the NVidia drivers) - you should be looking at a window labeled Application Profiles.
Untick the `Application controlled` box at the bottom, locate Vertical Sync in the list and select On. Click OK however many times required to close everything.

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