games not loading anymore

  fbadt 15:49 29 Oct 08

Bit of a vague problem this, apaologies in advance but I have no idea what’s happening, perhaps someone has had the same issue – basically, I’ve had the same PC for 3 or 4 years, but recently older games I had no problem loading and playing have just ‘stopped’. The most recent is GTA SA, if I put in the disk the usual start screen appears with the usual icons (Play, uninstall, dvd contents, direct 9c install and so on) if I click on Play the screen disappears and usually the game would boot, but after a while it’s clear nothing is happening, the disk spins but eventually stops and the PC acts as if nothing’s happened, unless I eject the disk, at which point I get the usual warning that there’s no disc in the drive, retry/abort/cancel – this can happen hours after I tried to load the game. I get the same thing if I try to start from the start menu shortcut or within the game’s folder. It never gets as far as the load screen, or hangs or anything, within 10secs its as if the PC ‘forgot’ what it was doing. It’s also happened on a few other games I’ve played fine before, so it’s not a problem with the GTA disk. I’ve installed other games since those problem ones, is it possible one of them installed over something that the earlier games needed?

Also, on a slightly different note (presumably) I have a couple of Win98 games (Elite Force, Devil Inside) that I can’t get to run on my XP machine – is there any way around that? I have an old nVidia 5 series graphics card with a P4 but they will install but don’t seem to load, they do the same thing, disappear as soon as it should start – could those problems be related?

I tried un-and-re-installing GTA SA and others, same thing.


  Fingees 16:53 29 Oct 08

as you seem to need to use disks to play.

It may just be that the laser on the player needs cleaning.

A head cleaner costs about £5.

Worth a try.

  fbadt 17:25 29 Oct 08

fair point, deffo check it out, but weird it would only do that on certain cd/dvds every time and other run every time, will look at cleaning it and check the discs again

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