Games for Linux

  Mr Tibbs 22:06 26 Jan 06

I have just installed Suse 10 on our spare computer upstairs and I was wondering if people knew which games worked on this version of Linux. Thanks.

  octal 22:45 26 Jan 06

I quite often play Frozen Bubble click here drives me nuts, its very addictive.

  onthebog 22:49 26 Jan 06

There seems to be a Linux version of Doom 3 out there somewhere. It might only be a demo though.

  Chegs ®™ 22:54 26 Jan 06

There are also games such as Unreal Tournament which are either win version ported to run in linux or a particular release of UT specifically for the linux distros.

  Mikè 10:18 27 Jan 06

Wolfenstein Enemy territory an excellent online fps game, Flightgear a flight sim, gl-117 another flight game but more arcade than sim.

There are quiet a few board and card games that can be made to work using Wine (a windows emulator), best to duel boot if your a big gamer.

  Mr Tibbs 20:15 27 Jan 06

Thanks guys. I'm not a big gamer but just wanted agame to see what Linux can do.

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