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Games, that can be played with others online.

  Giantsquid 22:10 19 Mar 05

Hello All,
My Son plays a game called Runescape online, we pay about £3:50 monthly for this, his account is due and to be honest I don't want to pay for it again if at all possible, not because I am tight but there may be free ones out there? Are there any games out there without a fee that can be played online with other web users in real time especially team games.
I realise of course that the best games may have to be paid for, but I hope the good folk on here can perhaps point some out that I have never heard of (most of them !)

Thanks to all that help,

  sat481 22:43 19 Mar 05

You can play runescape for free... Its the same game but limited missions. You can still do all the things in the pay game but there a tighter boundaries.


  Giantsquid 23:48 19 Mar 05

Yes, but to him he has to have all the works. not the basic edition,
thanks for the help,

  Gordal 20:02 20 Mar 05

You don't say how old your son is therefore it's not likely Chess will appeal to him. However Chess is a clever game which actually makes you think (more than most of today's mindless games!)

If interested email me. I am NOT a Chess expert,just someone trying to keep the gray matter ticking over.

  Gordal 20:04 20 Mar 05

NB: It's free !

  Vitruvian Man 20:04 20 Mar 05

counter strike source :) totally free and I play it all the time. Team based too. It is a shooting game if you are not aware and I think you need a good enough pc to run it.

  Starfox 20:55 20 Mar 05

Get him this,it's got a massive online following and once you've bought the game online play is free.Bet he won't want to go back to Runescape once he has tasted this.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:01 23 Mar 05

Well - it depends if you want them to be of a similar style to Runescape..

If not:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (click here) is entirely free

As is Americas Army (click here)

Both of which are first person shooters

click here and click here are two rather large lists of free games (although one counts modifications to current titles and trial periods as 'free') - maybe you could look through these lists and see if there's anything else worthwhile?

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